A modern kitchen

Fresh healthy food

A globally inspired menu

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The Restaurant

Welcome to Hummingbird, We are a nutritionally focused, refined fast casual restaurant. Although not a strict vegan establishment, should you live a complete plant based life style, we hope to still tickle your fancy.

With a produce driven ethos, our menus will share an equal focus of both dine in and take out along with grab & go items.

We focus on globally inspired cuisines ranging from sandwiches, soups, & salads to vegetables & grains and composed plates.

The Chefs

New England Native, crossfit & holistic enthusiast Chef Matthew Morello and globe trotting, British born Chef Chris White are the duo behind Hummingbird.

Chef Chris White has a similar background to Matt, having also gotten his start at Michelin starred restaurants and 5-star hotels back in his home country of England. His culinary travels brought him around the UK, to Austrailia and New Zealand. Chef Chris's nutritional journey began 5 years ago working as a product and recipe developer at MRM Nutrition in San Diego, CA. Having set-up shop here in Haverhill, Chris is bringing his knowledge of nutrient dense superfoods and international flavors to Hummingbird.

Chef Matthew Morello is a New England Native whose culinary journey began with stints at well-known high-end restaurants in Chicago and New York, to later owning and operating successful establishments in our local community. As a cross-fit enthusiast, Chef Matt's fitness journey inspired him to adapt his cooking style to a nutritionally focused approach that remains true to his gastronomical foundation.